A brand isn’t only something that is visible on paper, or on a screen, or on a vehicle; it’s also visible in your premises. Your sign, your floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and furnishings, colours etc. form part of your image, your brand. And a true Commercial Image Building agency cannot be complete unless they offer building services as part of their portfolio as well.

When we design and construct, it’s much more than the popular conception of simply making a space look pretty. We always consider the market, environment, landscape, budget and the consumer. We consider whether your business is making as much money as it could, the way it is perceived by your clients and whether or not it stands out against the competition. Image Smart has helped solve some of these common business challenges for businesses both big and small.

The idea that outstanding commercial premises look great because a great deal of money has been spent on them, is not entirely true. At Image Smart we break down that inextricable link between cost and good results and deploy each project properly, cost effectively and within budget every time.